Danny C. Estes
Danny C. Estes


Born in Tennessee, raised in California, graduating high school in 1977, Danny entered the working field with rudimentary skills in reading and writing. In 1978 Danny was introduced to fantasy roll gaming, and enjoyed hours socializing with people whose imaginations needed more than the norm. These gamers acquainted Danny with his
imaginative days of old. With their inspiration, he began reading fantasy novels, and although his communication skills were barely adequate, he began writing fantasy stories. Then Word came to Computers, and with this tool, Danny reinvented himself in writings.

Enjoying years of gaming, allowing his mind to run free, he met Patricia, a crafter of many arts, with a passion to create. With her diligence in craftsmanship and her urgings, Danny took the plunge and created full fledged novels, developing stories to entertain in the Science Fiction and Fantasy realms. 

Between these stories, Danny has a normal domestic life and a regular mundane job in North Carolina. However, during off hours, Danny rubs his hands together, smiles maliciously and settles before his computer to ventures forth into his mind and create fun and exciting adventures which he hopes, will reacquaint you, the reader, with your own imagination.