Danny C. Estes
Danny C. Estes

Part 1,2,3,4 and 5.

This series is called,

The Snow Adventure.

This first book is

Part 1   Rocky Beginnings


The Snow Adventure is a crime story set in a time 10,000 years in the future where animals walk about and humans are non-existent. Rocky Beginnings: Part 1 introduces our hero, Byrghir Snow, an arctic wolf born and raised on a glacier in the continent of Burrland. As an arctic wolf he is taught to live off his instincts, intelligence and senses. To study the earth, sky and air. To understand animal nature and most importantly, how to track game on the desolate ice pack to survive. Yet do to his sensibilities concerning the consumption of certain animals showing more intelligence than simple instincts, Byrghir faces a harsher life than most. At age 15, Byrghir comprehends the certainty of his death should he remain. Thus without choice he leaves the wild life of the clan to seek out a living among more modern thinking animals.


Meet Braxton Snow. An arctic wolf. Born on a glacier. Now a Private Eye in the big city. Follow his story as he uses his birth given intelligence and senses to solve cases the police have no time or direction to resolve.