Danny C. Estes
Danny C. Estes

Where would I be without a good editor.

Kelly Lynne is a professional book editor and published author. She is one of the freelance editors listed with www.book-editing.com and www.editing-writing.com You can read more about her at: http://www.book-editing.com/bios/kelly-lynne/index.shtml  


No book is presentable without a cover.

Rebecca Swift is an artist and designer with over ten years professional artistic experience including many years creating custom artwork and commissions. She’s been working as a cover artist since early 2011. You can reach her at: rebeccaswiftartwork.com/

Laura Weissenborn is a commission artist and designer on Artists&Clients. You may reach her at: artistsclients.com

Without a venue to showcase my work, a writer is like an actor, with no audience.

Presently, all my work is up loaded to Amazon.com