Danny C. Estes
Danny C. Estes

All Comic Books are made possible by one Artist.

Guhweto Glocerio does all my Cover Art, Panel Design and Art Work for each comic book. Without this great artist, none of my comic books would come to life.



Where would I be without a good editor.

Kelly Lynne is a professional book editor and published author. She is one of the freelance editors listed with www.book-editing.com and www.editing-writing.com You can read more about her at: http://www.book-editing.com/bios/kelly-lynne/index.shtml  


No book is presentable without a cover.

Rebecca Swift is an artist and designer with over ten years professional artistic experience including many years creating custom artwork and commissions. She’s been working as a cover artist since early 2011. You can reach her at: rebeccaswiftartwork.com/

Without a venue to showcase my work, a writer is like an actor, with no audience.

Presently, all my work is up loaded to Amazon.com