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Posted 5-07-2019

The Snow Adventure, Rocky Beginnings, Part 4 should be up by the end of May. Part 5 will then start soon. In other news: I will be starting a new comic book. The title will be… Mushroom Talk. This comic book will have unrelated stories in each issue. The first issue will be started after Part 5 of Rocky Beginnings is out. That’s all for now.


Posted 3-16-2019

Hello all. Well, the graphic novel is coming along fine. Books 1,2, and 3 are up on amazon. I’m just now starting book 4. This series looks to go to 5 or 6 books right now. In addition, The Snow Adventures, book 3 is half way written. I now have a title. The Surrogate Project. I’ll be looking into making a cover soon. 

Posted 11-09-2018

Alright everyone, The Infinite Wisdom is up and running on Amazon. So please go check it out.

As of now I am working on book 3, but as yet I’ve no title. As family matters is taking up my time, book 3 will be out sometime in 2020. On a different note, I’m trying my hand on developing a comic book, featuring Braxton Snow. Currently I have the cover done. Which you can see here. As for the book itself, I’m learning what must be done to get it up on line as well as formatting into a program to be viewed on kindle devices.

Posted 5-5-2018

Yes its been a while. I've much going on, like getting the new book on it's way. The Infinite Wisdom is in my editor's hands. Some time this month, i'll have it back and i'll start the clean up. Again, it's due out beteewn August and October. If you would like, look under The Snow Adentures for new pics i've added today.

Posted 9-3-2017

Braxton Snow P.I. is out at Amazon. Book Two, The Infinite Wisdom, is taking some time to write but, it's shaping up.

Also, currently I'm in the process of making all my works available in paperback. Most have been completed, I have just a couple more to finish up.

Posted 7-23-2017

Braxton Snow P.I. will hit the shelves August 26th 2017. With this book out at Amazon, I've started book 2 in this series.

Posted 6-9-2017

My new story, Braxton Snow P.I. is now being edited. Once the story is returned to me, I'll go over the edit, fine tune the story and with luck, have it up on amazon by August.

Danny Estes

Posted 2-11-2017

I wish to announce, the Athina series has won Silver and Gold awards from The Hungry Monster Book Review. 

I am very proud to have receive these awards and greatly wish to thank The Hungry Monster for this honor.

Danny C. Estes    

Posted 9-25-2016

My new book, Braxton Snow P.I., is well on the way. I'm just about ready to send it to my editor for a read through and comments.

Next, all reviews whether good or bad are considered. This is the only way I presently have to know if something needs looking at. In my series, The Books of Athina, most complaints were about the main character's fascination with breasts. His reasons are physiological, and in later books I reveal why. However, no readers reading Lord Athina knows the reason and it seems to be a problem with most readers. So, I'm rereading Lord Athina and trying to tone down what the reviewers are complaining about.

Danny C. Estes    

Posted 5-15-2016

Master Athina, the final book in the Athina series will be up for sale on Amazon in less than 12 hours.

With the completion of this book, the Athina series comes to a close so I may work on other books. Currently, Braxton Snow is in the works and if all goes well, It will hit the market May 2017.

Danny C. Estes

Posted 4-4-2016

Master Athina is now at my editor's for it's last edit. Later this month it'll be returned and I'll start the final edit and clean up. With any luck, sometime in May I'll have it out to Amazon.

My latest project, Braxton Snow, is moving along. I've a draft almost finished. Once done, the shake down will commence.

While this is all happening, I'm drafting up Charlotte Soul's sequel. Just a starting point really. Once Master Athina in out, Braxton Snow will become primary and Charlotte will start to develop faster.

Danny C. Estes

Posted 11-13-2015

Master Athina is slowly coming along. The First draft is finished. Now comes the shake down where I edit out and add in words, lines, or whole pages. Once complete, it's time for my editors magic fingers to go to work. Currently, I'm targeting mid to late 2016 for its release. In the meantime, I'm working up a new novel with the title "Braxton Snow P.I." Please check out my spoiler page for more details.

Danny C. Estes

Posted 9-4-2015

It's here. Charlotte's Soul is back out on the markets with it brand new cover. Please take some time to check it out.

Danny C. Estes

Posted 8-16-2015

Well, it looks as if my publisher is on the move with Charlotte's Soul. I've gotten a couple of e-mails concerning the book. So far no date of a release as yet or a peek at the new cover art, but I feel it'll be soon. In other news, the first draft of my last book in the Athina series, Master Athina, is finally nearing its end. Once done, I'll be reading and rewriting for a time until I believe its good enough to send to my editor. Afterwards the work of tweaking will commence. In other news, I'm working up a new story that takes place ten thousand years in the future, where animals walk and talk like people. The story begins in Iceland. The main character is an arctic wolf by the name of, Braxton Snow, who is himself a private investigator. He is hired out by Ms. Catharine Nelson, a red fox, for the sole purpose of finding her missing uncle. However, Braxton finds out more then he bargains for in the fox hunt. 

Danny C. Estes